Silicone moulding belts

Silicone moulding belt

Whether for forming, cooling or transporting – our mould conveyor belts are real all-rounders. Fitted with a wide range of recesses and elevated areas including corrugated sidewalls, lengthwise and transverse profiles or troughs in shapes like hearts and squares, they can be adapted to meet your every need. Our silicone moulding belts are particularly suitable for use in confectionery manufacture (chocolate, jellies, fudges, caramels) and for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry (PU foam, soft capsules, adhesives, sulphides, plastics).


  • Approved for use in food processing
  • Outstanding non-stick properties
  • Versatile
  • Surface can be shaped to meet customer needs
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  • Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics
  • Confectionery industry


  • Silicone
Datasheet as PDF

min. Temperature

-40° C

max. Temperature

+180° C