Successful in motion with MÄRTENS conveyor belts

MÄRTENS has stood for tradition and innovation in conveyor belts, PU belts and PVC belts for more than 80 years. However, our extensive product portfolio also includes custom-made rod network belts, metal conveyor belts and many other types of conveyor belt. Whether we are custom embossing our PU belts with a customer's logo or another design , developing new technologies and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, or comprehensive quality assurance, our aim is to provide you with top-class products that ensure your manufacturing processes always run smoothly. We are the only company in the world that produces both plastic and metal conveyor belts. What's more, we are the market leader in a number of our individual product groups, including our PU belts.

Quality Made in Germany

All of our conveyor belts impress with their top-class quality, whether they be PU belts, PVC belts, spreading belts or modular conveyor belts. These belts are extremely long-lasting, exceptionally low-maintenance and, depending on the model, naturally also suitable for food.

Conveyor belts for all types of task

With us, you are guaranteed to find the right conveyor belt for every application, regardless of whether this is breading, coating, cooling, drying, joining or deflecting. Because we don't just produce standard belts. Instead, we cater for your on-site requirements and conditions. Every day, nearly 80 employees devote themselves to this task of producing customised conveyor belts for customers in more than 70 countries. But our conveyor belts do not just keep products perfectly on track. Our silicone moulding belts, for example, also shape products, while our timing (or synchronous) belts guarantee perfectly positioned transport.

Perfectly equipped with MÄRTENS conveyor belts

Maybe you're not looking for a conveyor belt, but instead wish to purchase a special machine or the right accessories for your conveyor belt? If so, you have come to the right place, as our range also includes spreading systems, splicing equipment, curved machines and deflecting elements and much more.

SERVICE is still of utmost importance to MÄRTENS conveyor belts

If you have queries, would like an individual consultation or are experiencing problems with your conveyor belt, we are happy to help. We work with our sales and assembly partners to offer you comprehensive consultation and quick, straightforward on-site support services. As we aim to provide a creative, customer-oriented service that enables you to enjoy your MÄRTENS conveyor belt for a long time to come.

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Conveyor belts from MÄRTENS

Quality made conveyor belts since 1929

Welcome to our website where we present our range of conveyor belt products. Find out more about our products, which can be used for a wide range of applications in numerous industries. Whether in the food industry, packaging technology or as process belts – MÄRTENS supplies rod network, metal, plastic, modular, spreading and silicone moulding belts.

Quality conveyor belts

Each of our conveyor belts boasts high quality and meets applicable safety standards. With our decades of experience, we ensure that our conveyor belts don't just meet standards, they exceed them. They live up to their promise and offer exactly what your company is looking for.

We are also a member of the international organization "NIBA – The Belting Association", which promotes the interests of conveyor belt manufacturers. This is how we work towards the continual improvement of the products we manufacture.

Products made to specification

Our products are perfect for both standard and individual solutions. Our engineers can plan and implement special designs that meet your individual needs. Up, down, around or straight ahead, we do everything to meet and exceed your requirements.

As most of our conveyor belts are non-standard products manufactured entirely in accordance with your needs, we offer training courses on how to handle our products. This means your employees know everything they need to about performing maintenance on our conveyor belts.

As a special feature, we also offer individually embossed PU belts. Let us custom emboss your conveyor belt for added value, especially in the food sector. Many chocolate bars, for example, would hardly be recognisable without the widely known lettering of reputable manufacturers embossed on every bar. This is exactly what ensures that customers recognise your product - an indispensable advantage. Let us know what you have in mind, we'll be happy to help.

Conveyor belt products

Get more information on our conveyor belts on our productsites or in our conveyor belt catalogue.

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