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Chic all round:

Individualised embossing rollers

Of course, it's the inner values that count. But when it comes to chocolates, the visual appearance can also be a real feast for the eyes. The Sylter Schokoladenmanufaktur therefore relies on a very special conveyor belt.

If you've ever been to Sylt, you'll know it: In a prime location in Westerland, the Langmaack family and their team at Café Wien spoil their guests with a delicious breakfast, a large selection of cakes and tarts and a wide variety of treats. Equally popular are the specialities and sweets from the associated Sylter Schokoladenmanufaktur, which is located right next door. Not only locals and guests enjoy the fine chocolates and truffles, but also everyone at home.

Embossing with company logo for cooling channel belt

When producing fine delicacies and small goods, choosing the right conveyor belt is essential. In this case, we recommended a PU conveyor belt to our customer that is extremely resistant and yet extremely flexible.

TOP features of our PU conveyor belt:

  • Resilient and durable
  • Flexible
  • Excellent deflection capability
  • Good flatness
  • Approved for foodstuffs

For a special highlight, we customised the belt and provided it with an individual embossed logo. We produced an embossing roller based on the manufactory's company logo in order to subsequently produce the required cooling channel belt. Since then, all chocolates have carried this emblem on the base of the product - a real eye-catcher! Such personalisation underlines the high-quality impression of products and helps to differentiate them from other suppliers.

By the way: Our PU belt is available in a whole range of customised designs. Lasered perforations, woven-in carbon fibres for an antistatic effect, impregnation, micro-embossing or special coatings are all possible. Find out more:

PU conveyor belts from Märtens