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Märtens converts to LED

More than ever, it is currently important to handle energy and other resources carefully. At Märtens, we are continuously working on becoming more sustainable as a company.

Some time ago, we converted all lighting systems to LED. Finn Petersen was in charge of this project. He has been working at Märtens since 2009 and is part of the engineering team. In an interview, the state-certified technician told us more about this project.

The lighting systems at Märtens were converted to LED. In which areas was this done?

LEDs were installed throughout the company. We took an overview and then changed the lighting in the hallways and offices as well as in the workshop. The exterior lighting was also retrofitted.

What were the reasons for retrofitting?

The energy requirements of conventional light sources are very high. LEDs require significantly less energy and are therefore very economical. This reduces electricity costs in the long term.

The replacement started gradually. Whenever a light bulb broke, we replaced it with an LED. Then we sat down together and calculated everything. The result was clear: within one year, the investment required to replace all the light sources with LEDs will pay for itself.

What did you have to consider during planning and implementation?

There was little to consider in the corridors and in the house area, but in some production areas the color of the light plays an important role. For example, we manufacture white conveyor belts. Due to the reflection of the light on the material, these suddenly appeared yellowish, so we had to readjust and install LEDs with a different light color.

It was clear to us that we would only change the light sources and not rewire the lamps. Otherwise, the operating permit would have expired.

How long did the conversion take and how did you proceed exactly?

We always retrofitted individual sections in the company, which was purely a matter of hard work. All in all, it took about a month.

What are the advantages of the new lighting?

LEDs are of course more energy-efficient and therefore less expensive. With conventional light sources, they have to be replaced on a regular basis, which we had to do every two years. This is no longer the case, because LEDs last at least five years. They are therefore more durable and can withstand more switching cycles. Colleagues are pleased with the consistent quality of light, because LEDs do not dim over their service life.