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Good for colleagues and climate

Environmentally friendly on the road by bike

Who is sporty and sustainable on the road? That's right: our many colleagues who come to work by bike every day! As an employer, we think this is really great and are happy to support it.

No need to search for a parking space, no harmful emissions, no noise: Compared to the car, the bicycle offers a whole range of advantages. The bicycle is of great importance, particularly with regard to the change in traffic patterns and urban mobility. For example, the Federal Environment Agency's comparison of modes of transport shows that commuters can save around 300 kg of CO2 emissions per year for a commute of around 5 km to work by cycling instead of driving. Together with walking, cycling is therefore the most climate-friendly mode of transport.

Company bike leasing for Märtens employees

To promote sustainable and healthy mobility, our colleagues can lease a company bike. Due to the tax advantages of salary conversion, they save a lot of money compared to direct purchase. Our employees are free to choose the model and brand, so everyone gets their dream bike. The monthly usage rate is conveniently paid via the monthly payroll. In addition to classic two-wheelers, high-quality e-bikes, pedelecs, cargo bikes or racing bikes and accessories can also be leased. Private use is, of course, permitted, so that the new bike can also be used in leisure time and on vacation.

Bike meets e-mobile

But even though the bicycle is convincing in many aspects, we are still often dependent on the car: Many of our colleagues, for example from sales, are often on the road for business and the car is the means of transport of choice. In these cases, we increasingly rely on e-mobility, as you can read here.