A BLOG FROM Maertens

We cycle to work!

Märtens committed to more climate protection

Cycling is healthy, keeps you fit, is fun - and is really sustainable to boot. No wonder many of our colleagues prefer to get on their bikes in the morning instead of getting into their cars.

In September, there was even one more reason to ride a bike: Our employees took part in the "We cycle to work / school / campus" campaign. For three weeks, they left their cars behind, biked to work and recorded the kilometers they covered. Attractive prizes were raffled off among all participants and awards were presented in various categories. This year, the routes could alternatively be submitted via app. At the same time, the performance of the other teams could be tracked - which further boosted the competitive spirit.

A total of 12 colleagues from our company took part, cycling a combined total of 2860 km. Each kilometer covered by bike saves around 122 g of CO₂ compared to traveling by car, which means that our colleagues alone were able to avoid an incredible 348.92 kg of CO₂ emissions!

Working together for climate protection

The Klimapakt Flensburg has been promoting climate-friendly behavior in Flensburg for many years. Its ambitious goal is to make our city climate-neutral by 2040. To this end, the alliance initiates regular exciting presentations and high-profile campaigns in which every citizen can participate. Supporting sustainable mobility is an essential pillar against climate change, but nutrition, careful use of resources and energy saving are also part of it.

Sustainability at Märtens

We as a company also want to become more sustainable step by step. For example, our employees can lease company bicycles at low cost, our company fleet is being electrified, and we have installed several e-charging stations for e-mobiles at our company headquarters. In addition, we have switched our lighting in and around the buildings to energy-saving LEDs. For some months now, we have even been generating energy ourselves - with our PV roof system, which has a total output of 240 kW.