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Always on the spot

Optimum availability with annual call-off orders

In times of globally out-of-step supply chains, the availability of material is currently a major problem for many producers. Not at Märtens, however - thanks to our call-off orders.

The great advantage of our call orders: Our customers receive their goods when they need them. Because - as the name already says - it is ready on call at Märtens and does not have to be manufactured first, but only shipped.

The prerequisite for this is an annual order for the type and quantity of conveyor belts required, which are produced in stock and stored with us. Invoicing is done per delivery. The ability to plan such orders is extremely practical for both sides and always advisable in the case of long-term cooperation, as it avoids the risk of unintentional downtimes," advises Michael Balzar, Sales Manager at Märtens. Typical items for call-off orders are rod network belts as well as separating belts, whose usual delivery time can be up to several weeks.

"We do everything we can to deliver to our customers as quickly as possible, even for regular orders. However, anyone who needs something within a few days is unfortunately faced with a problem that we would like to avoid in their interest. "

Of course, in addition to the examples mentioned, call-off contracts are also possible for all other articles from the range. If you are interested, please contact your contact person at Märtens.