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Endless connections of rod network belts with ELT clips

They are robust, easy to care for, versatile and low-maintenance: rod network belts from Märtens offer a whole range of convincing advantages.

In our new video, we focus on a very special aspect and show you how to create an endless connection in just a few simple steps. This is made possible by our ELT clips. These single stitches are first inserted and then hooked onto the other end of the belt using flat nose pliers. Finally, the individual stitches need to be straightened and levelled. Watch the video here: 

Connecting ELT rod network belts with ELT clips

One look - one clip

Sounds complicated? It's not, as our video shows! With a little dexterity, anyone can convert an ELT bar mesh belt into an endless conveyor belt.

TOP features

  • Fast and hygienic endless splicing
  • Doubling of the service life
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Suitable for large distances and weights
  • For speeds up to 30 m/min
  • Stainless steel versions approved for foodstuffs in accordance with Regulation EC 1935/2004

Of course, our ECO rod network belts can also be equipped with an endless splice. We show you how to do this here:

ECO clip connection