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Eagerly awaited

New e-charging stations at Märtens in Flensburg

When it comes to sustainability, we like to step on the gas - but in a climate-friendly way, of course! To ensure that our employees are always travelling with low emissions, we recently put additional e-charging stations into operation at our site in Flensburg.

A large proportion of our team travel to work by bike, which is both sporty and environmentally friendly. We are happy to support this by offering the option of bike leasing. This allows our employees to lease high-quality two-wheelers and e-bikes as company bikes at favourable conditions.

However, we have also created a climate-friendly alternative for colleagues who frequently travel by car on business. Some time ago, we reported on the commissioning of eight modern charging stations for electric vehicles in a blog post. You can read the full article here: 

Sustainable on the road: e-mobility at Märtens

Charge up and drive off

In the meantime, we have consistently pursued our strategy for greater sustainability and expanded both our fleet and our range of charging points. We now have a total of 12 charging points, which are supplied with climate-neutral electricity from our PV system. Incidentally, these are not only available to our employees, customers and visitors, but also to all drivers of electric cars who want to take a short charging break.

However, the charging points are mainly used by our colleagues, as our company fleet of fully electric cars is growing. There are currently seven Märtens e-mobiles on the road, and the eighth will soon be rolling into our yard.