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All about rod network belts Curves

Just want to go in a new direction? No problem for our curved rod mesh belts! In our new video, we take a close look at this product category.

In general, of course, the direct route is always the best. However, a change of direction can also be useful and necessary in production. For these cases, we have developed our curved rod mesh belt, which masters angles between 30° and 180° with ease. Thanks to the robust materials - either spring steel, stainless steel or K2390 - the curved rod mesh belt is versatile and can also be used for hot or greasy products at production temperatures of up to 280 °C.

The design of the conveyor belt is based on a pitch that increases towards the outer radius. Divided rod network belts are suitable for transporting smaller products, as the distance between the meshes on the outer radius is not too large. Good to know: Curved rod mesh belts are customised products, meaning that almost all radii and pitches are possible.

The whole video is now available on our YouTube channel:

MÄRTENS Clips VIII: Curved rod network belts

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