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Sustainable on the road

E-mobility at Märtens

Not only our products are constantly on the move - the Märtens team is also on the road a lot. In addition to flexibility and punctuality, we also attach importance to sustainability.

Because conventional passenger cars are not climate-friendly. For example, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 was around 146 million tons of CO2. By far the largest share of this is caused by road traffic (96 percent, as of 2019). Gasoline and diesel passenger cars are responsible for about 61 percent of this. Alternative drive options for private transport are therefore in demand!

We at Märtens have also recognized this and are increasingly focusing on e-mobility. "Some of our employees are often away from home on business, and their own car is the most efficient means of transport for this. But in view of climate change, we have to question our actions and work out alternatives," explains Märtens Managing Director Bernhard Funke.

" E-mobiles are the perfect way for us to travel flexibly and yet sustainably. "

Our fleet currently includes a VW ID4 and an Audi etron, and five more vehicles with electric drive will be added over the course of the year. And to ensure that our colleagues can take off at any time, we have installed a total of eight public charging points on our company premises, with an expansion of four more connections possible.