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Detectable conveyor belts in the food industry

To ensure the safety of food, high standards must be met. With the right conveyor belts, we are happy to support our customers in implementing the necessary measures.

In order to detect contamination of foodstuffs at an early stage, many companies use metal detectors. Abrasion particles, flaking or chipping can occur time and again. But thanks to the detectors used, this tape damage can be identified at an early stage and food contamination prevented.

Our customer, a bakery, also attaches great importance to product safety. Previously, rod network belts made of stainless steel 1.4310 were used in production. "This material is very hygienic, corrosion-resistant and suitable for use at high temperatures. However, the belts are not magnetic and are therefore difficult to detect," explains Christian Fabry, Area Sales Manager West Germany.

But of course we had a suitable alternative ready for our customer and recommended the use of rod network belts made of the K2390 material developed by us. "The stainless steel wire K2390 is much more detectable and thus ideally suited to ensure the product safety of the doughs and end products," emphasizes Mr. Fabry. In addition, the material meets the highest requirements for corrosion resistance, is VO EG 1935/2004 compliant and extremely durable.

For our customers, the exchange was worthwhile, because they can now guarantee their consumers and business partners even better quality.