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Fynn-Niklas Leibel in interview

"You feel welcome right from the start."

The perfect combination of theory and practice - that's what the dual course of study in industrial engineering offers, which Fynn-Niklas Leibel, currently a trainee in our workshop, will be completing at Märtens from October.

In an interview, he told us more about this special educational path.

How did you come to Märtens?

After graduating from high school, it was already clear to me that I definitely wanted to study a technical subject. Before that, however, I wanted to do a practical apprenticeship, so industrial mechanic was the obvious choice. I then applied to Märtens on the recommendation of a friend.


How did it come about that you are now following up your training with a dual course of study?

After my intermediate examination last year, I talked to my trainer about my future and said that I would like to study and could imagine completing the dual course of study in industrial engineering at Märtens. As an employer, Märtens has always been fair and I wanted to be equally fair in sharing my views. After that, our managing director approached me and I am very pleased that we quickly agreed.


What exactly is a dual study program and what attracted you to it?

The dual study program offers me the opportunity to combine study and practice. For each semester, I work here at the company for 13 weeks and attend lectures at NORDAKADEMIE in Elmshorn for 10 weeks.

What appeals to me is that I'm not just a theoretician after graduating with a Bachelor's degree, but also have practical experience.


Which department do you work in and what are your tasks?

Currently I work in the workshop. From October, when I start my studies, I will be working in the office department. During my studies, I'll be working in all departments, such as purchasing, sales and human resources. This means that the tasks will certainly be very varied. I'm particularly excited about the product development area. I'm very interested in the process of how a product is created.


What do you particularly enjoy about your work?

The teamwork. Here at Märtens there are rather flat hierarchies and the cooperation - in the workshop, but also with all departments - is very nice. I felt welcome right from the start. Although I was the youngest apprentice, I was immediately treated like a full team member.


Would you recommend Märtens as a training company and employer?

Definitely! From the first day, you get exciting tasks and can take on responsibility. At the beginning of my apprenticeship, for example, I not only had to file, but was also quickly allowed to work with the machines. You feel the trust and can take on responsibility.