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K2390 rod network belts

Spring steel or stainless steel? Durability or corrosion resistance? Our customers don't have to decide, because our K2390 is the new material quality for rod network belts.

This was also the experience of a customer in the meat processing industry. His stainless steel 1.4310 rod network belts had to be repaired again and again after only a few weeks of operation. A bending test on the belts showed that they broke too early at various points. Long downtimes were the result.

During the analysis, several reasons for this came into question, such as strong cleaning agents that had acted too long. "We recommended a change of material to our customer. The new belts are made of K2390, a material we developed that is extremely durable and resistant," explains Dietmar Hessel, Area Sales Manager-East at Märtens. It goes without saying that K2390 complies with VO EG 1935/2004 and guarantees the highest hygiene standards.

The changeover has paid off, as the belts have been running smoothly again for around a year. Thanks to the extension of running times, belt changes have been minimized, which on the one hand lowers costs and on the other hand significantly reduces downtimes.

You can find out more about our K2390 innovation here:
K2390 - New material quality for rod network belts