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New rod network belt with carriers

Even in production, there are ups and downs. To ensure that no product is lost on an incline or decline, our rod network belts with carriers ensure that everything stays in place.

Our rod network belts offer a free and hygienic flow of liquid media as well as heat, cold or air thanks to the open braided structure. They can also be combined in a variety of ways, including with carriers. We have now fundamentally revised the latter so that they are even more flexible!

New production process for carriers The new carriers from Märtens replace the old version with immediate effect. The highlight: Thanks to the 3D printing process, they can be ordered for any bar mesh belt dimension. The restriction to only two dimensions is thus no longer applicable. In addition, any desired shape and individual colors are now possible. Food approval still applies, of course.

Possible areas of application:

  • Separating products
  • Washing and cutting systems for e.g. asparagus
  • incline transport
  • incline transport
  • Sorting plants

The carriers are made of PA 2200 - polyamide. It is physiologically harmless and is characterized by high stiffness, hardness and strength as well as low friction values. For further information please click here:

Rod network belts by Märtens

Carriers for rod network belts