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Transfer rollers and sprockets

Inconspicuous, yet indispensable: In our new video, we introduce you to our range of transfer rollers and sprockets and present various product designs and materials.

This time we dedicate our Youtube channel to the topic of accessories for rod network belts, more precisely the transfer rollers and sprockets. The latter are necessary for the drive of the belts, because this is done via shafts with mounted gears, which are precisely matched to the dimensions of the respective belt.

The standard material is POM, which is suitable for a wide range of applications and is particularly gentle on the rod network belt. POM is also detectable, so that even the smallest fragments can be detected during ongoing production. On request, we can also manufacture sprockets made of other materials that can withstand even the highest temperatures. In the video, we also look at the subject of transfer rollers. On the one hand, there are travelling shafts, made of stainless steel 1.4404 and with undercuts for the knots of the rod network belts. On the other hand, we offer the fixed variant, the so-called knife edge. This is made of PE and is available with a 5 or 10 mm radius. This is a wearing part, but it can be replaced quickly and easily.

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Transfer rollers and sprockets

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