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Transverse cracks in the PU coating

In this section we answer frequently asked questions from our customers. This time: After a certain running time of my conveyor belt with PU coating, I have discovered transverse cracks in the coating. What could be the reason for this?

Two main factors can lead to this error pattern. On the one hand, it may be due to the fact that the existing deflection diameter is too small for the conveyor belt used. Your contact person will be happy to help you here and together we will find a suitable conveyor belt alternative.


On the other hand, aggressive cleaning agents can lead to hardening of the coating. In general, we recommend the use of our Märtens cleaner. This is a mild-alkaline multi-purpose cleaner that thoroughly and safely removes contamination caused by grease, oil and other substances. It can be used for belts with PU as well as for those with silicone coating.

By the way: Our PU conveyor belts are available in various special versions:

  • Antistatic thanks to woven-in carbon fibers
  • Lasered perforations
  • Customized with your logo
  • With impregnation of the polyester fabric
  • With micro-embossing (reduced friction coefficient)
  • With transparent or colored coating

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