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On the sunny side:

Märtens installs PV system

And we are continuing to take big steps towards sustainability! We have already worked on energy-saving lighting and e-mobility, and now we are becoming a green energy producer ourselves.

In recent weeks, a PV system was installed on the roof of our production hall in Flensburg, which now supplies us with sustainable solar energy. In the interview, Märtens Managing Director Bernhard Funke tells us more about this exciting topic.

What were the reasons for installing the PV system?
Our corporate strategy also includes a so-called decarbonization strategy. In other words, it's about massively reducingCO2 emissions. We want to become ecologically sustainable and are starting with the generation of green electricity. The fact that such a PV system is also economically viable makes the decision in favor of such a project all the easier.

Where is it located and why was this location chosen?
The system crowns the entire roof area of our production hall. After all, that is 1,800m2 or an area of 60 x 30 meters. This is perfect in terms of orientation and roof pitch. And, of course, it is optimal to generate the electricity where it is needed. The majority is consumed directly on the floors below. The result can be seen in conveyor belts of unchanged high quality - but now produced with maximum sustainability.

How long did the preceding planning take?
We have already drawn up the decarbonization strategy in 2020, and the construction of a PV plant of this size is a key component of this strategy. Immediately after the strategy was adopted, we went into the initial planning phase. That was in the summer of 2021.

How much energy will the new plant supply in the future?
The plant has a peak output of 300 kWh. In addition, there is an electricity storage system that, for example, supplies electricity in the morning when there is little daylight that was unused the previous day.

Are there any other measures that Märtens is planning in terms of sustainability?
As I said, our goal is to avoidCO2 emissions as far as possible, and ideally even to become completely climate-neutral. We are pursuing this goal with a bundle of measures. In line with the investment in the PV system, we are in the process of converting our car fleet from diesel to electric drive wherever possible. By the middle of next year, half of our vehicles will be fully electric and thusCO2-neutral. The bicycle leasing scheme we offer is also making a small contribution to ensuring that more and more employees come to work by bicycle and thus make their personal contribution toCO2 avoidance on a daily basis. Other measures are aimed at saving heating energy and electricity. An LED lighting concept, modernization of the heating control system and optimization of compressed air generation and consumption are just a few examples. And last but not least, it is also a question of a change in the way each and every one of us understands our responsibilities. All of us, from management to trainees, are increasingly coming to work by bicycle. You can feel that something is changing. And the great thing is that this change not only makes sense, but can also be fun.