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Simplified endless connection for gear wheel edges

In this section we answer frequently asked questions from our customers. This time: The endless splice of my ECO rod network belt with gear wheel edges is so complex - can it be simplified?

This question can be answered succinctly: Yes! It is possible to integrate the dimension of the gear wheel edge into the outer meshes. This eliminates the gear wheel edge completely and the endless connection by weaving in a bar is simplified considerably. No further changes have to be made to the existing system.

Top features of our rod network belts ECO:

  • Thin, flexible and lightweight belt construction
  • Forced guided
  • Economical solution for standard applications
  • Permeable and hygienic construction
  • Small deflection radii
  • Stainless steel versions are VO EG 1935/2004 compliant

Even small products can be ideally transported with our conveyor belts of this type. Even a transfer to downstream equipment works smoothly.

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