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S like separating belts

Info about our new products

Since May, two new items have been part of the Märtens conveyor belts product portfolio: the LW separating belt and the separating conveyor system with variable spreading. We summarize again what distinguishes both products.

If it is necessary to separate or merge products during the production or packaging process, our separating belts and expanding conveyor systems come into play. In this way, any number of product rows can be conveyed and the row spacing changed. This even applies to the smallest articles and bulk materials. Another advantage: No retooling is required when changing products.

Material novelty: separating belt LW

Märtens conveyor belts is not only known for its high standards in product quality. Likewise, we always attach importance to assembly- and maintenance-friendly solutions. Our separating belt LW is the best example for this. It comes with reduced force absorption, so that belt assembly is made considerably easier. In the course of this, downtimes during a belt change can also be reduced.

Other top features:

  • Increased service life of the chains and the guide profiles of the Expanding conveyor system
  • Excellent non-stick properties
  • Gentle on the product
  • Suitable for very small products
  • Approved for food products

Even more flexible: Expanding conveyor system with variable spacing

Our second innovation, on the other hand, concerns the complete line, where the product gaps can now be increased or decreased even during transport. The spreading range can be adjusted manually or motor-driven from 0 to 30%.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Small deflection diameter of only 40 mm
  • Hygienically clean due to closed belt surface
  • No retooling necessary when changing products

Typical areas of application:

  • "Pick & Place" applications
  • Separation and combination of products in the manufacturing or packaging process
  • In front of packaging or enrobing lines