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New Märtens video on YouTube:

Guiding and positioning on rod network belts

How do I prevent products from slipping during transport or on inclines? Can I also add such components to my rod network belt at a later date? We answer these questions in a new video!

We can't say it often enough: Our bar braided belts are absolute all-rounders and suitable for many production processes. From coating and sprinkling to baking and cooling, these conveyor belts do (almost) everything.

In our current YouTube clip, we therefore devote ourselves to this product group. In detail, it is about the exact guiding and positioning of products on a rod network belt. For this purpose, we have designed belts with points, humps or troughs so that products can be held, guided, positioned or lifted on a rod mesh belt. Similarly, we offer the ability to combine different geometries to accommodate balls in nests or prevent products from slipping.


Flexibility from the 3D printer

The possibilities are extended by driver profiles, which we produce in an innovative 3D printing process. These can be produced in any desired shape and color and can also be retrofitted to the rod network belt. The profiles are made of PA 2200 - polyamide. This material is physiologically harmless and is characterized by high stiffness, hardness and strength as well as low friction values.

You can watch the whole video on YouTube:

MÄRTENS Clips VII Guiding and Positioning


Our tutorials: There is more to see!

We regularly present the special features of our products on YouTube, answer frequently asked questions and give practical tips for everyday production. We have collected suitable blog articles and links to the videos for you here:

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