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Quick replacement of elastic fabric strips

Simply take a new path? No problem for our plastic curved belts, which allow flexible changes of direction from 35 to 180°.

Whether left- or right-handed curve, made of PVC, PU or silicone: our curve belts are real all-rounders and can be used in almost any production or packaging stage.

Top features of plastic cam belts:

  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Available with different types of flights
  • Approved for food applications
  • Widths of up to 4000 mm

The customer from this application example also uses this product for his processes. In his production, the heavy mechanical load on the elastic fabric strips as well as the frequent, intensive cleaning of the equipment regularly led to damage to the fabric strips. Previously, the entire curve belt had to be replaced as a result.

By using pushbuttons, damaged elastic fabric strips can now be simply replaced. This results in significant cost savings and a longer service life for the cam belts, as it is now no longer necessary to replace the belt completely.

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