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Award for sustainability

Märtens receives EcoZert

We are implementing our sustainability strategy step by step with great commitment and foresight. We have now been awarded the EcoZert for what we have achieved so far.

. An excellent sustainability strategy (from left to right): Dierk Steiner (Head of Customer Service, Creditreform), Bernhard Funke (Managing Director, Märtens) and Danny Bollerey (Commercial Director, Märtens) at the presentation of the EcoZert.

The topic of sustainability and responsible behaviour is becoming increasingly important not only in the private sphere, but also in everyday business life. The campaigns often focus primarily on climate and environmental protection - but if you look at the bigger picture, you quickly realise that there is much more to it.

All-encompassing: taking ESG measures

Even though climate-friendly behaviour is high on our agenda, it is only one part of our ESG strategy. In this context, ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and means that, in addition to the environment, we also attach importance to our social behaviour and responsible management. In March, Creditreform Flensburg presented us with the EcoZert award for this!

"We are very proud to have received this certificate. We have been working for many years to make our production, our processes and all our actions more sustainable. EcoZert shows that we are on the right track!" emphasises Märtens Managing Director Bernhard Funke.


What's behind EcoZert

EcoZert is a quality award from Creditreform for companies that fulfil particularly high standards in terms of sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The EcoZert criteria are demanding:

  • Use of resources more efficiently than the benchmark or significant reduction in the use of resources compared to the past
  • Social behaviour better than the benchmark or significant improvement compared to the past
  • Good business behaviour of the company management in the past
  • Credit rating index better than 299 and balance sheet rating better than CR11

In advance, we had to answer questions from the areas of environment, social affairs and management in order to prove Märtens' sustainable behaviour and our annual financial statements were also audited.

We are currently implementing further projects from our sustainability strategy. You will of course find out what these are in due course here on our blog!

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