A BLOG FROM Maertens

Do not take any risks:

We focus on IT security

Security is our top priority! This applies to occupational safety for our employees - but also for our data and IT systems. We have therefore taken various measures in collaboration with our partner SH4U.

The threat of cyber attacks is growing and more and more companies are affected. The right protection is essential, as the consequences of ransomware, for example, can be devastating. We have decided to protect our IT infrastructure against this threat - with a customised security solution from SH4U.

A central component of our security strategy is the use of the SentinelOne endpoint protection platform. This offers advanced, AI-supported threat detection in real time and enables a preventive response to potential attacks. In this way, we ensure that all end devices, from workstations to servers, are effectively protected against malware, ransomware and other malicious programmes in a timely manner. The platform uses advanced behavioural analysis to detect and block suspicious activity before it can cause damage.

By integrating artificial intelligence, the platform can not only detect attacks, but also take immediate countermeasures. This enables rapid isolation and removal of malicious elements before they can spread across the network.

Always up to date

As technological progress does not stand still, we and the specialists at SH4U always keep our IT security strategy up to date. Regular security software updates and training for our employees ensure that everyone involved is familiar with the latest developments and best practices. This helps to minimise the security gap that can often be caused by human error. In this way, we can continue to innovate as a company and look to the future with confidence.