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PU belt with full edge protection

All-round security

Our plastic conveyor belts impress with their robustness, durability and versatility. We are happy to help our customers decide which product design is best suited for which purpose.

Our experts are also on hand as problem solvers when it comes to extending service life, avoiding frequent repairs or improving product quality and safety. That's why we were immediately on hand when a customer from the Berlin/Brandenburg region contacted our colleague and Area Sales Manager Dietmar Hessel.

The company produces fresh fruit and vegetables for retailers in Berlin and Brandenburg. The customer uses a PU conveyor belt in its production. Due to high humidity and daily use of the high-pressure cleaner, the belt was separating - i.e. the PU top layer was peeling off - and waves were forming on the belt edges.

Dietmar Hessel immediately had the right alternative to hand. "We recommended a PU belt (PU-J/2) with full edge protection to the customer to better protect the belt edge against layer separation," he explains the chosen solution. "This prevented the problems and significantly increased the service life of the PU belts."

Plastic conveyor belts from Märtens

Plastic conveyor belts are available from us in many different versions. Thanks to their special raw materials, they combine durability and flexibility in one product, making them real all-rounders.

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