About us

Our customers rely on the consistently high quality of our conveyor belts. That is why Märtens has been a reliable partner to the food industry all over the world for many decades.

Our conveyor belts are used in a wide variety of applications: They take products to be breaded, coated, dried or cooled. On the way there, they even transport your products "around the corner".

In short, we don't just produce standard belts, but tailor them entirely to your requirements.

Just one example of this is our silicone mold belts, which not only transport products but also give them the right shape at the same time. They are easy to clean, have a long service life, and on their individually shaped surface, confectionery in particular can be designed, cooled, and transported for finishing.

Successful through specialization: Märtens, competence moves

We have been supplying conveyor belts for the food industry since 1929. We combine the great experience we have gained during this time with an equally great commitment to innovation and quality management.

We are the only company in the world to produce both plastic and metal conveyor belts. In addition, we work closely with machine manufacturers to provide you with the best possible service from a single source. In short: With us, you will find the right conveyor belt for all requirements.

We are one of the global market leaders in the product groups of rod mesh belts, PU conveyor belts and the special silicone spreader belts and silicone mold belts.

In addition, you will find metal conveyor belts, wide spiral link belts, wire mesh belts, wire eye link belts, PVC conveyor belts, drive and deflection elements, endless woven conveyor belts, welding presses, finger punches and various special products.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive advice as well as fast, uncomplicated and reliable delivery.

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