Equipped for every production step

Gradient, incline or curves, transport of very small products or larger items: We have the right conveyor belt for almost every process in production. With our special machines - more precisely the Expanding conveyor system and the Expanding conveyor system with variable spreading - we complete our product range. We have incorporated our experience in the production of separating belts into our design of the special-purpose Expanding conveyor system. They are therefore the perfect complement for demanding production processes.

The field of application of our special machines is quickly explained: They are used wherever it is necessary to bring products together or separate them. There is no limit to the number of product series that can be transported. But how does it all work? A row spacing is changed by the forced guidance of the separating belt with a special link chain in the side area - during transport, the separating belt is stretched transversely to the direction of travel, thus also increasing or decreasing the row spacing of the products. Customers often ask us: Should I choose a separating belt system or a separating belt system with variable spreading? The classic Expanding conveyor system is the perfect solution for fixed production processes, the Expanding conveyor system with variable spreading can be adjusted to different requirements.

Of course, our product portfolio also includes the appropriate conveyor belts for the Expanding conveyor systems. These consist of a transversely elastic fabric with a silicone coating. In addition, we also offer our customers the separating belt LW, a material innovation developed by us. This has a reduced force absorption, so that belt installation is made considerably easier and downtimes can also be reduced during belt changes.