Sometimes narrow-meshed, sometimes wide-meshed, sometimes made of round wire, sometimes made of flat wire, our metal conveyor belts are exemplary in lasting long and carrying their load.

From frying to freezing, our wide spiral link belts prove to be a durable choice with their permeable construction and straight run - whether in stainless steel or a variety of steel grades.

Our loop joined wire belt with its typical permeable construction is made of wire eyelets and smooth cross bars. At the same time, it is very stable and thus suitable for conveying even heavy products.

In case of high tensile forces, we at Märtens recommend our tight spiral link belt, which also scores points in terms of straight running.

For lighter products, the inexpensive wire mesh belt is well suited, whose segments are connected with rods in a simple way.

Our flat rolled oven belt is, as its name suggests, optimized for use in ovens. Here, a smooth baking surface is just as important as the distribution of heat or the shortening of baking times due to its low thickness.

Can't see the right belt for all the links and meshes? No problem! Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to recommend the right product for your application. Let us enter into a dialogue to find solutions together!

By the way: Märtens conveyor belts manufactures belts made of metal as well as plastic and thus distinguishes itself by a particularly broad portfolio. So please also take the opportunity to inform yourself about other products from us below on this page or in a personal conversation.