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Plastic modular belt

Plastic modular belt

Low weight, high strength: Our modular conveyor belts are made of moulded plastic elements, which can be effortlessly connected in a variety of ways using bar joints. In addition to conventional versions in polyethylene, polypropylene or polyacetal, a range of special low-maintenance, stainless materials is also available



Polyethylene (PE):
Elastic, impact-resistant, cold-resistant, this material is suitable for applications to -73° C. FDA approved for use in food processing.

Polypropylene (PP):
Neither aggressive substances nor temperatures up to +100° C can affect this material. FDA approved for use in food processing.

Polyacetal (POM):
This plastic is perfect for applications within a temperature zone of -43° C to +95° C with its high tensile force and low friction values. FDA approved for use in food processing.

Polyamid (PA):
Robust, pliable material with exceptional belt strength and a high level of notched impact strength. Temperature range from -45° C to +110° C 

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