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Corner rod network belt

Corner rod network belt, split

Corner rod network belt, split
Corner rod network belt

Corner rod network belt

Corner rod network belts from MÄRTENS are ideal for transporting light to medium-weight products in all industrial sectors. Corner machines with a corner angle from 30° to 180° can be fitted with them. Good curving ability thanks to gradually increasing pitch.


  • High temperature range
  • Hygienic design
  • Permeable belt structure
  • 30° to 180° corner angle
  • Stainless steel versions approved for use in food processing per VO EC 1935/2004


1.1211 spring steel wire, type DH (AISI 1060): 
Used when there are no demands in terms of corrosion resistance, e.g. with chocolate enrobing machines. Temperature range from -10° C to +70° C. 

1.4310 stainless steel wire (AISI 302): 
Used where corrosion resistance under normal conditions is desirable, e.g. in the fish and meat industry. Temperature range from -50° C to +250° C. Approved for use in food processing per VO EC 1935/2004.

K2390 stainless steel wire: 
Used where a high level of corrosion resistance is required, e.g. with fruit acids. Temperature range from -80° C to +280° C. Approved for use in food processing per VO EC 1935/2004.

All wires high-gloss polished: Reduction of product adhesion to smooth surface due to low-impact wire processing.


  • 1.4310 stainless steel wire
  • K2390 stainless steel wire
  • Spring steel wire 1.1211

Can be combined with

  • Carriers
  • Points


  • Available in standard dimensions and per request.
  • Standard wire diameters 1.4 / 1.6 / 1.8 mm.
  • Standard inside radii 350 / 406 / 650 / 800 mm.
  • Standard widths 406 / 600 / 610 / 864 / 1000 / 1270 mm

The rod network belts are real all-rounders - and of course food-approved in accordance with VO EG 1935/2004. Depending on the material class, they meet the most diverse requirements and can be used for a wide range of processes. A characteristic feature of this product category is its permeable and particularly hygienic design, which makes it the ideal choice when it comes to enrobing, glazing and spreading processes. But rod network belts from Märtens are also convincing in baking ovens, cooling tunnels, soldering plants and drying ducts. Depending on the material, the belts can withstand operating temperatures from -80° C to +280° C.

Our rod network belts are available in three product categories: The ECO is the economical version for standard applications, while the ELT (Extended Life Time), in which additional short individual meshes provide additional nodes and thus increased stability, can also withstand higher loads. Another advantage over the ECO is the much faster belt changes - splice times can be reduced by up to 80%.

Last but not least, the rod network corner belts are the hygienic solution for changing direction or conveying hot products in curves.

Optionally, the belts can also be equipped with points, so that even demanding production processes are no problem. Combinations with guide chains and carriers are also possible. And that's not all, because the materials used also ensure flexibility in production: there is a choice of spring steel wire, stainless steel wire and our material innovation K2390. The latter is recommended wherever high demands are placed on corrosion resistance, for example when using fruit acids or aggressive cleaning agents.