• Separating belt
Separating belt

Separating belt: chain

Separating belt: chain

Separating belt

Our high-quality separating belts are capable of transporting as many rows of products as the user needs. The distance between the rows is changed by transverse movement of the separating belt with a special link chain. Another advantage of our separating belts is that no refitting is necessary when changing products.


  • Outstanding non-stick properties
  • Extremely gentle on products
  • Suitable for very small products
  • Approved for use in food processing


When it comes to spreading or merging products, our spreading belts come into play. The maximum spreading range is 30 %. In this way, product gaps can be increased or decreased even during ongoing transport. One example is the spreading of protein bars before the chocolate coating, so that the goods are prevented from sticking together. This applies even to the smallest articles or bulk goods. Another plus point is that no changeover is required when changing products. 

Our spreader belts consist of a transversely elastic fabric with a silicone coating. A new material innovation is our spreader belt LW, which has a reduced force absorption. This makes belt installation much easier and also reduces downtimes during belt replacement. 

Would you like to know exactly? No problem: You will find two videos under "Downloads". These show the reduction of product gaps or the increase of product gaps in longitudinal and transverse direction during ongoing transport. We also provide data sheets, assembly instructions and more here as practical PDF downloads. 

By the way: As a special machine, you can also obtain spreading belt systems from us.

Application areas

  • Separating or converging products in the production or packaging process


  • Transverse elastic fabric with silicone coating


min. Temperature

+10° C

max. Temperature

+50° C


  • Max. belt speed: 25 m/min


  • Max. dimensions: L = approx. 8000 mm | W = approx. 1500 mm
  • Separating range: 30 %
Data sheets and tutorials in our