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Rod network belts with PTFE coating

Clean thing

Only a clean belt ensures hygienically perfect products and smooth processes. Therefore, Märtens always has a suitable solution for special production conditions.

This was also the case in the present case, which a customer from the food industry approached us with. He was faced with the challenge that during the frying process, protein was leaking from the poultry meat and sticking to the rod mesh belt. The resulting deposits were building up more and more, causing hygienic and mechanical problems, and eventually leading to a defect.

Our Märtens experts took care of the matter and recommended a product change. A rod mesh belt with PTFE coating is now used. The protein can no longer adhere to this - and production can continue without interruptions.

Suitable for a wide range of applications

Our rod mesh belts are used in a wide variety of processes, for example in the production of cookies with fruit jelly, in bakeries or in the meat processing industry. They are made of stainless steel, spring steel or our innovation K2390. Depending on the requirements and environmental conditions, we find the perfect material combination for our customers.

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